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Frag Lab's Coral Roullette

Here at Frag Lab we believe that aquaculture is the future of this hobby and will ultimately help save our reefs by minimizing wild import demands.  We have over 2000 gallons of aquaculture systems and 99.2% of all our corals sold are grown in house!  

We along with several other conservationists have setup a non-profit for reef conservation and education.  A portion of every purchase made with us on our site is donated to the non-profit and we will be hosting Coral Roullette to help fund it as well.  

Crazy Horse Fungia

This rainbow fungia is unique and we haven't seen another like it.  It has some awesome colors and is a massive 4.5" inches across or so.  


It will be $10 per entry with only 30 slots available.  If you'd like to enter please send an email to  We will post an updated list of contestants here and do a live drawing that will be posted here and on our facebook group once we reach 30!

Live drawing will be on 1/2/21 at 7pm EST.  Check out our group to watch the drawing.  Contestents:

1.Nick Martinez

2.Tim dickerman

3.Laura Andrew

4.janine hussar

5.taylor burch

6Jerry Cooper

7.Shari Sanchez

8.Steve besanceney

9.gary jensen

10. Jim fort

11Matt Rusan

12. Audrey fisk

13.chance hylton

14.brian gallagher

15.steve besanceney

16. Dale pressley

17.audrey fisk

18.connie mason

19 Anthony Garcia

20.Brian Gallagher

21. chance hylton

22.steve besanceney

23. Brian Simpson

24. Jill ortiz

25.brian simpson

26. Rich Petrosino

27. Brian gallagher

28.audrey fisk

29.brian simpson

30.steve besanceney

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