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Every Coral Under the Sea at Everyday Prices

About Frag Lab

Frag Lab was started by a few knuckleheads that just happen to love this hobby and have a passion for growing beautiful corals.  We are located in GA just a few minutes from 85 and 985 and relatively close to 285.  We've been doing this for a combined twenty plus years and have a dedicated QT system for all our fish/coral.  No pests will make it to your system from our frags/corals!  Our grow out system is comprised of seven 220 gallon frag tanks and several genus centric grow out tanks that range from 150 gallons to 420 gallons.  We seriously baby and love these corals so they will be in tip top shape for your tank.  Try us out and feel the love!

Small Vid Clip of the Far left side of our SPS grow out 420.

Some of our Frag Tanks

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